• Olá. Na wikia Eldarya alguns usuários estão dizendo que ao acessarem, inicia um download automático do HBPIX, que seria um vírus ou algo do gênero. Realmente não entendo dessas coisas e não faço a menor ideia de como foi parar lá, mas gostaria de saber se mais alguém tem esse problema e se tem um jeito de resolver isso. Agradeço desde já!

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for pointing this out - in order for us to help you, we need more information. Please send us a detailed report using this page, including your current geo location (country) and links to the page(s) where you and the other users are seeing this happening, so we can investigate further:

      It will help the staff looking at the report if you send it in English - if you're uncertain with parts of the translation, please ask Ultragustavo25 to help you with the English version.

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    • Hi! It isn't happening to me, but to some users. I asked them about the pages and no one answered... some said it's happening in other sites too, so I believe it was a browser problem or something. 

      Sorry to bother. Thank you for the quick answer! If they tell something new, I'll inform you. 

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